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How to use this site

The transathlete site was created in November 2013. This site is an evolving resource. Search by area (K-12, College, Recreation, Professional) or by state or organization. Contact to add your league to the listings. Send model policies and forms you use. I'll put them all here to help others as they work towards trans inclusion in athletics.


As a note, the content linked to on these pages was created by others and is not my own work (unless noted). The creators of each document and piece of content retain their own rights to their work. If something you've created is listed on this site and you would rather it not, please contact me.

Important note

A majority of the policies around the participation of transgender athletes unfairly target transgender women and girls. Transgender women and girls are the targets of violence and harassment, and many times we see Black and Brown transgender women and girls subjected to extra harassment and scrutiny. There has been a long history of gender policing in sport, and a deep history of racism and sexism in sport as well that often plays into the decision-making and policy-making process, either intentionally or unconsciously. It is important to note that experiences of one trans athlete may be very different than the experiences of another based on race, location, sport, and a number of other factors.


With gratitude

Many thanks go out to those who have been doing trans inclusion work in athletics. Specifically, Helen Caroll and Pat Griffin, who have paved the way on research, policy making, and advocacy for trans athletes. Additionally, Sue Rankin and Genny Beemyn have done amazing work around trans identities, including their book, "The Lives of Transgender People." Many of my references and resources, particularly those directed toward college policies (not specific to sports) have been created, edited, or otherwise contributed to by Genny Beemyn. Other folks also helped contribute to the resources on this site, and will be listed once they give permission for me to name them - until then, thank you. 


Thank you to Logan B. for policy research in May and June 2015!


Thank you to Erin for policy research in 2016!

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