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Professional Sports Leagues

Athletes Unlimited


Athletes Unlimited recognizes all forms of gender expression and supports athletes choosing to express their gender beyond the binary of female and male, and its policy details the pathways to participation for both transgender and non-binary athletes.

DOWNLOAD: Policy on Participation of Transgender and Non-Binary Athletes

National Women's Soccer League


The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) released a policy in March 2021. It details pathways for the participation of transgender and non-binary athletes and is based on the IOC policy hormone use requirements.


DOWNLOAD: NWSL Transgender Athlete Policy

Premier Hockey Federation (formerly National Women's Hockey League)


The Premier Hockey Federation (PHF, formerly The National Women's Hockey League, NWHL) released an updated policy in October 2021. In December 2016, the NWHL became the first women's professional sports league to have a formal policy in place regarding the participation of transgender and non-binary athletes. The policy allows transgender and non-binary athletes to participate and is based on a waiting time of living in one's authentic identity.



Ladies Professional Golf Association - requires surgery

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) members voted in 2010 to eliminate the requirement that players be "female at birth," thereby allowing transgender players to participate (Thomas, 2010).


LINK: New York Times article announcing trans* inclusion in LPGA. 

Thomas, K. (2010, December 02). L.P.G.A. will allow transgender players to compete. The New York Times.

Retrieved from


Men's Leagues

To our knowledge, no men's professional sports leagues have formal policies on the participation of transgender athletes.

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