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Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport, (2022). Transgender Women Athletes and Elite Sport: A Scientific Review.

Executive summary download

Full report link.


Literature review of current studies on trans women in sport.


Women's Sports Foundation, (2020). Chasing Equity: The Triumphs, Challenges, and Opportunities in Sports for Girls and Women.

Executive summary download

Full report link.


Challenges facing women in sport. 

Transgender Law and Policy Institute, (2009). Guidelines for Creating Policies for Transgender Children in Recreational Sports.


Guidelines for working with youth. 

Women's Sports Foundation, (2011)Participation of transgender athletes in women's sports.


The Women's Sports Foundation's position on the participation of trans athletes in women's sports. 

Griffin, P. and Carroll, H., (2010). On the team: Equal opportunity for transgender athletes.


Includes policy recommendations, best practices, and additional resources. This is a great starting point for folks implementing trans-inclusive policies and procedures in athletics. 

The Pennsylvania State University LGBTA Student Resource Center, Johnson, E. A., and Subasic, A.  Emily A. Johnson Allison Subasic (2011). Promising practices for inclusion of gender identity/gender expression in higher education


While focused on higher education, there are recommendations for training of staff and coaches, locker rooms and bathrooms, and promising practices in athletics.

NCAA Office of Inclusion, 2011. NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Athletes Handbook.


The NCAA's document detailing the specific policies for inclusion of transgender athletes in NCAA sports competitions. 

Griffin, P. and Taylor, H., 2012. Champions of Respect. NCAA Office of Inclusion. 



Addressing LGBTQ issues in sports, this document includes trans-specific recommendations as it covers campus policies, resources for allies and student groups, and creating inclusive athletic departments. 

Campus Pride, 2012. LGBTQ National College Athlete Report Executive Summary 2012


This report is the most comprehensive national collegiate research report sharing the experiences of nearly 400 self-identified LGBT athletes and providing necessary resources for further progress on LGBT issues in college athletics. The download here is only the executive summary; for more, purchase the full version on the Campus Pride website.

LGBT Sports Coalition, 2013.  Transgender ED 101.


This document is not a complete resource on transgender issues, but it will allow readers to have a similar working knowledge of terminology, frequently asked questions, and ways to engage and be an ally to transgender people as we work toward eliminating not only homophobia but also transphobia from athletics.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, 2016.  Creating Inclusive Environments for Trans Participants in Canadian Sport.


The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) released a policy guidance document designed to help sport organizations develop their own trans inclusion policies.

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