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In 2019, we saw a record number of anti-trans bills introduced across the United States. Many of these bills targeted high school athletes. One - HB500 in Idaho - made it into law.


In late 2020, several bills have already been proposed to prevent transgender athletes from participating with their peers. Each time a bill is heard and voted on, lawmakers take into account the outreach from constituents and others who write in to express support or opposition for a bill. Writing and calling lawmakers does make a difference.

Below is an explanation of the bills that are trying to prevent transgender athletes from participating. For each state, we've provided a list of emails or links to contact lawmakers, as well as a script to use to make it easy. You can copy and paste or add your own thoughts. 

Current Winter 2020 bills ​

Tennessee - HB3

HB3 would bar all trans youth from sport consistent with their gender identity. There are no action items on this bill at this time.

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