Policies for trans inclusion in athletics vary greatly depending on the state, sport, league, organization, level of play and other factors. Start your search for policies here, and please submit your policy if you are a part of a league or organization that has a policy not listed here. 

K-12 /


School districts often struggle when trans and gender non-conforming students wish to participate in recreational athletics or team sports. 

There are few existing policies for trans participation, but the recommendation for K-12 inclusion of transgender students is for transgender youth to be allowed to play sports in their affirmed gender.


College /


A transgender student athlete should be allowed to participate in any sports activity so long as that athlete’s use of hormone therapy, if any, is consistent with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) existing policies on banned medications.


Policies and procedures followed by athletic departments and institutions for trans athletes vary. 


Recreation Leagues /


When an organization is playing sports at a level that is not NCAA, Olympic, or professional, there should be policies which allow trans athletes to participate in a way that feels safe and comfortable. At this time, there are few documented policies for trans inclusion published.


Recreation leagues with policies about transgender participation should contact TRANSATHLETE.com to be listed on the Recreation Leagues policy page.



Policies by Organization /


Looking for the policies of a specific governing body or organization? This is the place.


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