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Alabama HB1/SB10 and HB391 Toolkit


What’s Happening:

Alabama HB1/SB10 will ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth. HB391 will ban trans youth from participating in sports. Both bills are dangerously close to passing.


Take Action:

Contact Governor Kay Ivey & tell her to VETO HB1/SB10 and HB391. You do NOT need to live in Alabama to do this! Everyone across the country can contact the Governor to ask for a veto. 



You must personalize two pieces at the bottom before sending! If you do not include your address, they will not count/consider the message.


Phone: 334-242-7100


Sample Script for Calling:


I’m calling to leave a message for Governor Justice to veto HB 3293.


HB 3293 is cruel - it will hurt transgender young people in West Virginia, will violate federal law, and will invite costly legal fees when the state is sued.


Reputable medical organizations including the WV State Medical Association, the WV Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the WV Psychological Association, and the WV School Psychologist Association all oppose this bill.


[Add any personal details or your connection to this bill ]


Please veto HB 3293.


Sample Script for Writing or Calling (add personal note & sign your name):


Dear Governor Ivey:


I am writing to ask you to veto HB1/SB10 and HB391 when they reach your desk. These bills target transgender youth in Alabama who just want to go to school and play sports alongside their friends. 


I oppose HB1 and SB10, which will prevent trans youth from being able to seek and access the healthcare they need - health care that may save their lives, and that is decided upon in collaboration with parents/guardians, doctors, and other medical professionals. Politicians should not decide what medical care is in the best interest of any young person. Transgender young people thrive when they are supported by their family, school, and community; however, these bills would take away their personal treatment options, undermining the prevailing recommendations of every major medical association. 


I oppose HB391 because it needlessly targets trans women and girls in sports when lawmakers cannot even point to a single trans woman currently competing in Alabama. It sends a harmful message to all trans youth that they don’t belong.


These bills will cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tourism and business revenue. 


Please stop this bill and veto any version of these bills that reach your desk.


[Add any personal details or your connection to this bill]



[Your name]



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