World Triathlon (formerly ITU when policy was written) does not currently have a policy listed for transgender athletes. The previous ITU policy, written in 2019, allowed trans athletes to participate based on IOC 2015 guidelines. (NOTE: this policy was made was prior to the IOC update in 2021, so a new policy may be pending)


"An athlete who undergoes sexual reassignment and wishes to participate in any competition must meet all the current conditions and criteria established by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and WADA prior to doing so. The request to participate in any competition further to said sexual reassignment must be made expressly by the athlete to the ITU Medical and Anti-Doping Committee at least 30 days prior to event in which he or she wishes to compete. The ITU Medical and Anti-Doping Committee shall determine whether or not the current IOC and WADA criteria have been met and provide the athlete a written and reasoned decision to that effect."

LINK: former ITU policy 2019

Association of Boxing Commissions - requires surgery

The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) has separate policies for transexual and transgender athletes, which are different for male-to-female and female-to-male athletes. The policies also vary depending on when transition begins - before or after adolescence (puberty). For details about the policies and the need for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, download the policy below.


DOWNLOAD: The ABC Medical Committee's Suggested Guidelines to Commissioners Concerning the Health and Safety of Combat Sports Participants

World Anti-Doping Agency

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) works towards a vision of a world where all athletes compete in a doping-free sporting environment. Unfortunately for transgender athletes taking testosterone, a banned substance according to WADA's rules, the policies do not always support one's ability to participate. Athletes competing in sports observing WADA or USADA rules who are using testosterone must apply for Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE). 


DOWNLOAD: The 2013 WADA Prohibited List International Standard

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) changed its policy in March 1, 2020 (announced in Nov. 2019):

  • All transgender athletes wishing to compete in the category corresponding to their new gender must make their request to the medical manager appointed by the UCI, at least six weeks before the date of the first competition.

  • The athlete’s file will be passed on to a commission of three international experts independent of the UCI. The commission’s members will assess the athlete’s eligibility to compete in the new gender category and will inform the UCI’s medical officer of their conclusions.

  • The athlete must prove that their serum testosterone level has been below 5 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to the eligibility date.

  • Once deemed eligible, the athlete must agree to keep their serum testosterone level below 5 nmol/L for the entire time they compete in the Women category.

  • The athlete must undergo serum testosterone tests conducted using a benchmark method (mass spectrometry).


DOWNLOAD: UCI regulations on transgender athlete participation

World Out Games

The World OutGames policy for the World OutGames Miami 2017 required a self declaration method for gender identity and verification only if OutGames administrators deem it necessary to further explore for verification purposes or if the athlete's stated gender identity is challenged.


NOTE: World OutGames was canceled in 2017 and does not exist anymore.


DOWNLOAD: World OutGames policy

International Association of Athletics Federation - requires surgery

International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) was founded in 1912 as the world governing body for the sport of track and field Athletics. The IAAF policy differs for transmen and transwomen:

Transmen (FTM): 

shall be permitted to compete in the male category of International Competitions upon production of a sex recognition certificate or other form of identification of sex confirming that he is recognized in law as a male (passport, identity card, etc.) and provided that he is otherwise eligible to compete in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.


Transwomen (MTF): 

- requires documentation of surgery and notification to IAAF

- consultation with a panel of medical experts

- endocrine assessment


DOWNLOAD: IAAF Regulations Governing Eligibility of Athletes who have Undergone Sex Reassignment to Compete in Women's Competition

Model Policy for Transgender Students on High School Teams

For guidelines for creating inclusive athletic policies for high school teams and a sample model policy for high school athletics, see our Model Policy .



CARHA Policy (5/10/22). GVSU policy (4/26/22). World Rowing (4/23/22). USA Swimming (2/2/22). USA Powerlifting (2/2/22). NEW US National Governing Body page (1/22/22). NCAA Policy Update (1/19/22). Powerlifting America (1/16/22). US Parachute Association (1/15/22).

NCAA policy 1/22

USA swimming 2/1/22

USA Swimming Anti-Discrimination Statement provides protection for transgender athletes. Its Code of Conduct says, “discrimination against any member or participant on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, and gender expression is prohibited (304.3.3),” meaning that trans swimmers can participate in events in the gender with which they identity. 


For elite competition, USA Swimming says, "criteria (including medical criteria) will follow current USOC/IOC rules and will be clearly stated in meet information packets." However, the IOC removed its rules and defaults to the National Governing Body, which means USA Swimming has no current policy for elite competition.


LINK: USA Swimming Anti-Discrimination Policies Include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

DOWNLOAD: Recommended policy for USA Swimming clubs

DOWNLOAD: 2018 Transgender Task Force Information (and policy)


IOC Framework (11/16/21). Ottawa College (10/21/21). Bryn Mawr College (10/21/21). Haverford College (10/21/21). Centennial Conference Policy (10/20/21). Premier Hockey Federation (10/15/21). USA Curling (10/14). High school map (8/17). USA Ultimate (6/1)

from college page:

Campus Pride gathers information about LGBT policies at colleges and universities. In the Campus Pride Trans Policy Clearinghouse, there is a page specifically dedicated to Colleges and Universities Which Have a Trans-Inclusive Intramural Athletic Policy. To head directly to that page, click here

NEW ACTION ITEMS (4/17). NWSL pro policy (4/1), Athletes Unlimited pro policy (3/31), Take Action updates (4/4)



Take Action section (3/1/20). USA Volleyball (11/24). USA Gymnastics (11/17). Rugby England (10/11/20) World Rugby (10/9/20). British Cycling (10/9/20). K-12 map (9/12/20).




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old policy:


The Oregon School Athletic Association (OSAA) policy states: 

A. A female-to-male transgender student athletes who is not taking hormone treatment may participation on a boys or girls team, but must consistently participate as that gender throughout their high school career. 

B. A male-to-female transgender student athlete who is not taking hormone treamtment may only participate on a boys team.

C. A female-to-male transgender student athlete taking testosterone may only compete on a boys team.

D. A male-to-female transgender student athlete taking hormones may compete on a boys team at any time, but must complete one year of hormone treatment prior to competing on a girls team. 


LINK: OSAA 2014-15 Handbook


Recreation policies for Kent State, UNC, Saint Joseph's University, Sacramento State, 11/17/18. USA Baseball, 11/17/18. USA Basketball, 11/17/18.  USA Climbing, 11/16/18. UPDATED: International Tennis Federation (ITF), 11/15/18. AFL (Australia) 9/2/18. Rugby Federation Union (UK) (updated) 8/30/18. CrossFit Games 8/6/18. USA Weightlifting 8/1/18. Smith College 7/28/18. Mills College 5/21/18. Kentucky High School Policy 5/20/18. Boston Marathon 4/9/18. New Zealand Cycling 4/9/18. Alberta Schools Athletic Association (Canada) 3/28/18. Framingham Public Schools (MA) high school policy 3/13/18.



New Jersey updated HS policy (11/15/17). USATF update (7/20/17). 

USA Wrestling (3/24/17). Model High School Policy (3/14/17). US Masters Swimming (1/25/17). US LGBT Soccer (1/25/17). Utah High School Activities Association (1/25/17). Indiana High School Athletic Association policy (1/25/17).

Manitoba State High School Association policy (Canada) (1/13/17).



NWHL professional sports league policy (12/27). World Flying Disc Federation policy (12/27). Updated high school map (12/6). Georgia state high school policy (12/6). Golf Canada (12/6). USA Rugby (10/30). World Rugby (10/30).


Hockey Canada (9/7). Canadian Volleyball recreation league policy (7/15). Trans*Athlete has changed to (6/22). Update: Iowa girls policy (6/12). Nebraska high school policy (5/24). Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport resource added (5/18). Alaska high school policy (5/15).


Update to The Football Association (UK) policy (4/21). Mississippi enacts law to allow LGBT discrimination (4/5). North Carolina enacts law to allow LGBT discrimination (3/24). 

Texas passes proposal to make high school trans athletes compete according to birth certificates (2/25). 


Lewis & Clark (1/23). 

Update: High School Policy Map (1/22). 

New IOC Policy Guidelines for Trans Inclusion (1/21). 



Women's Flat Track Derby Association broadens policy (11/10). 

ESPN the Magazine features founder Chris Mosier in the November issue. Story and video here (10/29).   


Texas considers using birth certificate for high school athletes (article here). 

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World OutGames (8/27). 

UPDATED New Hampshire high school policy (8/19).

University of Central Florida (8/10).

New York State high school guidelines (8/1). 

New Mexico high school policy (discriminatory) (7/16).


International Tennis Federation (6/25). Rugby Football Union (UK) (6/25). International Volleyball (6/25). US Rowing (6/25). USA Swimming (6/18). Oklahoma K-12 policy (6/10). Virginia's updated K-12 policy (4/2). mentioned in The Wall Street Journal (2/19). Great mention in BuzzFeed! (2/6).


Montana K-12 policy scrapped (2/25). K-12 state listing updated and categorized by levels of inclusivity (2/25).


NIRSA inclusive college policy (2/20).


New Hampshire and West Virginia K-12 policies (1/16). Growing support in Montana as policy is on Jan. 2015 agenda (1/16).


2014 below

Huge updates to K-12 section (12/25). Whitehorse Women's Hockey Association (Canada) (12/24). Illinois K-12 policy (12/12). Minnesota K-12 policy (12/4). Arizona K-12 participation policy (11/29). 


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New York State discussing K-12 policy (9/25). 

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Michigan K-12 policy (7/27). Missouri K-12 policy (7/27).


Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver, Canada (7/22). New Jersey State K-12 policy (7/22). California Interscholastic Federation policy K-12 (7/22).


New England Small Colleges Athletic Conference (7/8). South Dakota K-12 policy (7/8).
USA Senior Softball organization policy (not inclusive) (7/3). 


Rhode Island K-12 policy (6/27). Wheelchair Basketball Canada Recreation policy (6/27). Disability Sports Australia Organization policy (6/27).

Colorado State University Intramural Sports policy (6/21).

Vancouver (Canada) School Board K-12 policy (6/17).
Atherton High School policy, Louisville, KY (6/6). International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (6/8). 


South Dakota K-12 policy (in progress) (5/25). Scottish Football Association (5/25).

Georgia K-12 policy (not inclusive) (5/8). North Carolina K-12 policy (not inclusive) (5/8). Maine K-12 policy (5/8). 

United Kingdom Roller Derby Association Transgender Policy (4/25). International Quiddich Association (4/25). 

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