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UC Berkeley (10/27/19). Western States Endurance Run (8/1/19). Players Sport & Social Group, 6/24/19. Australian Commission on Human Rights, 6/13/19. USA Team Handball, 5/30/19. USA Karate, 5/30/19. Knickerbocker Sailing Association, 4/3/19. NSAF policy, 3/1/19. LGBTQ recreation leagues, 2/25/19. Updated HS map, 2/24/19. Arkansas high school policy, 2/24/19. USA Weightlifting update, 2/7/19. USA Powerlifting, 2/2/19. USA Hockey, 1/23/19. Arizona High School Policy, 1/11/19.

old policy:


The Oregon School Athletic Association (OSAA) policy states: 

A. A female-to-male transgender student athletes who is not taking hormone treatment may participation on a boys or girls team, but must consistently participate as that gender throughout their high school career. 

B. A male-to-female transgender student athlete who is not taking hormone treamtment may only participate on a boys team.

C. A female-to-male transgender student athlete taking testosterone may only compete on a boys team.

D. A male-to-female transgender student athlete taking hormones may compete on a boys team at any time, but must complete one year of hormone treatment prior to competing on a girls team. 


LINK: OSAA 2014-15 Handbook


Recreation policies for Kent State, UNC, Saint Joseph's University, Sacramento State, 11/17/18. USA Baseball, 11/17/18. USA Basketball, 11/17/18.  USA Climbing, 11/16/18. UPDATED: International Tennis Federation (ITF), 11/15/18. AFL (Australia) 9/2/18. Rugby Federation Union (UK) (updated) 8/30/18. CrossFit Games 8/6/18. USA Weightlifting 8/1/18. Smith College 7/28/18. Mills College 5/21/18. Kentucky High School Policy 5/20/18. Boston Marathon 4/9/18. New Zealand Cycling 4/9/18. Alberta Schools Athletic Association (Canada) 3/28/18. Framingham Public Schools (MA) high school policy 3/13/18.



New Jersey updated HS policy (11/15/17). USATF update (7/20/17). 

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Manitoba State High School Association policy (Canada) (1/13/17).



NWHL professional sports league policy (12/27). World Flying Disc Federation policy (12/27). Updated high school map (12/6). Georgia state high school policy (12/6). Golf Canada (12/6). USA Rugby (10/30). World Rugby (10/30).


Hockey Canada (9/7). Canadian Volleyball recreation league policy (7/15). Trans*Athlete has changed to TransAthlete.com (6/22). Update: Iowa girls policy (6/12). Nebraska high school policy (5/24). Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport resource added (5/18). Alaska high school policy (5/15).


Update to The Football Association (UK) policy (4/21). Mississippi enacts law to allow LGBT discrimination (4/5). North Carolina enacts law to allow LGBT discrimination (3/24). 

Texas passes proposal to make high school trans athletes compete according to birth certificates (2/25). 


Lewis & Clark (1/23). 

Update: High School Policy Map (1/22). 

New IOC Policy Guidelines for Trans Inclusion (1/21). 



Women's Flat Track Derby Association broadens policy (11/10). 

ESPN the Magazine features TransAthlete.com founder Chris Mosier in the November issue. Story and video here (10/29).   


Texas considers using birth certificate for high school athletes (article here). 

USA Gymnastics (9/14). 

World OutGames (8/27). 

UPDATED New Hampshire high school policy (8/19).

University of Central Florida (8/10).

New York State high school guidelines (8/1). 

New Mexico high school policy (discriminatory) (7/16).


International Tennis Federation (6/25). Rugby Football Union (UK) (6/25). International Volleyball (6/25). US Rowing (6/25). USA Swimming (6/18). Oklahoma K-12 policy (6/10). Virginia's updated K-12 policy (4/2). 


Transathlete.com mentioned in The Wall Street Journal (2/19). Great mention in BuzzFeed! (2/6).


Montana K-12 policy scrapped (2/25). K-12 state listing updated and categorized by levels of inclusivity (2/25).


NIRSA inclusive college policy (2/20).


New Hampshire and West Virginia K-12 policies (1/16). Growing support in Montana as policy is on Jan. 2015 agenda (1/16).


2014 below

Huge updates to K-12 section (12/25). Whitehorse Women's Hockey Association (Canada) (12/24). Illinois K-12 policy (12/12). Minnesota K-12 policy (12/4). Arizona K-12 participation policy (11/29). 


USA Sailing (11/18). New Jersey K-12 policy in progress (11/18).

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Minnesota K-12 policy (in progress) (10/6). University of Houston intramural policy (10/6).


New York State discussing K-12 policy (9/25). 

Janesville, WI creates K-12 policy (9/6).

Trans* Athlete mentioned in The Advocate Magazine's 40 Under 40 (8/19). USA Boxing (8/8).


Michigan K-12 policy (7/27). Missouri K-12 policy (7/27).


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USA Senior Softball organization policy (not inclusive) (7/3). 


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Atherton High School policy, Louisville, KY (6/6). International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (6/8). 


South Dakota K-12 policy (in progress) (5/25). Scottish Football Association (5/25).

Georgia K-12 policy (not inclusive) (5/8). North Carolina K-12 policy (not inclusive) (5/8). Maine K-12 policy (5/8). 

United Kingdom Roller Derby Association Transgender Policy (4/25). International Quiddich Association (4/25). 

Florida high school policy (4/21).