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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any laws that protect transgender students’ right to participate in high school and college sports?

Yes. If gender identity is included in a non-discrimination law, it should provide protection for student athletes who wish to participate in sex-segregated sports consistent with their gender identity.


How do I add my school to this list?

If your school, school district, organization, or league has a trans* inclusive policy not listed on this site, please send it for addition. 



Do trans* athletes need to have surgery to play?

It depends on the league. At the most basic level - K-12, college intramurals, and recreation leagues - the answer is no. When following best practices, these areas allow athletes to participate on a team according to their consistent gender presentation (note: this makes things challenging for gender fluid folks). Collegiate policies are based mostly on use of hormones, not surgery. However, for competitive participation in the Olympics, surgery is required before participation is allowed. 

Can someone help me craft a policy for trans* athletes?

Yes! Contact me for more information on consulting on inclusive practices and policy making. If I cannot help you, I know people who can!


Who runs this site? 

TRANS*ATHLETE is run by Chris Mosier. Find out more about Chris here. Contributers to the site are always welcome.

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