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Tennessee HB1572


BACKGROUND: Tennessee HB1572 would require elementary and secondary schools that receive public funding to ensure that student-athletes participate in sports based on the "student's biological sex as indicated on the certificate issued at time of birth." Violations of this bill would result in a loss of funding and violators could incur a civil penalty of up to $10,000 and would require any public official to vacate their office if they allow a trans student to participate.


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I am writing in strong opposition to HB1572. Policies at the high school level should prioritize access and participation for all youth, including transgender youth. Around the country, it is common practice for state associations like the Tennessee Secondary School Activities Association to create policies for transgender student-athletes. It is not the government's job to determine the gender of a young person, or where they can play sports. 


The government should not be involved in restricting young people from having the same experience as their peers. Please vote against HB1572.


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