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West Virginia HB3293 Toolkit


What’s Happening:

The West Virginia legislature has modified its entire legislative process to attack trans kids. We have until April 28 to ask Governor Jim Justice to veto HB3293, a horrible and sweeping anti-trans bill that will single out and ban trans kids from sports.


The Governor has said he will sign this bill, so it’s our job to create a MASSIVE public outcry against it to try to sway him against it - or at the very least, draw attention to the bill.


Take Action:

Contact Governor Justice & tell him to VETO HB3293. You do NOT need to live in West Virginia to do this! Everyone across the country can contact the Governor to ask for a veto. 



You must personalize two pieces at the bottom before sending! If you do not include your address, they will not count/consider the message.


Phone: 304-558-2000


Sample Script for Calling:


I’m calling to leave a message for Governor Justice to veto HB 3293.


HB 3293 is cruel - it will hurt transgender young people in West Virginia, will violate federal law, and will invite costly legal fees when the state is sued.


Reputable medical organizations including the WV State Medical Association, the WV Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the WV Psychological Association, and the WV School Psychologist Association all oppose this bill.


[Add any personal details or your connection to this bill ]


Please veto HB 3293.


Sample Script for Writing (add personal note & sign your  name):


Dear Governor Justice,


West Virginia is bullying transgender youth. I’m writing to ask you to please veto HB 3293. 


HB 3293 singles out young trans people for no reason - this is a violation of federal law, and is opposed by every major women's rights and women's sports organization, as well as major medical organizations.


HB 3293 will invite costly lawsuits that the state will lose, and put the state at risk of losing major sporting events, business, and tourism.


[Add any personal details or your connection to this bill]


Don’t bring this shame to West Virginia - or this harm to young people. Veto HB 3293.



[Your name]



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