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Arizona HB2706


BACKGROUND: HB 2706 would exclude trans girls from participating in sports with their peers at all levels of sport in educational settings, including middle school, high school, and college sports. This bill would have harmful effects on trans girls, but it also poses serious privacy concerns for all young women; any girl who was questioned about her gender would be subjected to invasive physical exams of her internal & external reproductive anatomy, chromosome testing, and hormone tests.




TAKE ACTION: Email or call Governor Doug Ducey and tell him to VETO HB2706 

PHONE: Governor Doug Ducey - 602-542-4331



I am writing to ask Gov. Ducey to VETO HB2706 if it makes it to his desk.


No young athlete should be subjected to "genetic testing" in order to play sports with their peers. This bill will create a very unsafe environment for all girls and young women in sport. No girl should have to go through that to play.


I ask you to VETO HB2706 and stand up for all Arizona students.

TAKE ACTION: Email the committee members hearing AZ HB2706


Here are the email addresses: (you can send one email!)

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I am writing in strong opposition to HB2706, which will discriminate against transgender youth.


Policies at the high school level should prioritize access and participation for all youth, including transgender youth, and should support their growth as students and people. HB2706 will not just target trans youth - it will put all girls at risk. 


I ask you to vote against HB2706 and stand up for all Arizona students.


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