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Georgia HB747


BACKGROUND: Georgia HB747 would prohibit any high school that receives state funding to allow any transgender athlete to participate according to their gender identity. The bill would also prohibit any public facility, stadium, arena, field, or other property owned by or under the control of government entity to be used in events that allow transgender athletes to participate unless the event was a co-ed activity.


TAKE ACTION: Contact the sponsor of HB747, Philip Singleton


PHONE:  (404) 656-5015


SAMPLE TEXT (you can copy/paste or use as a guide)


SUBJECT: Withdraw HB747


I am writing in strong opposition to HB747 and requesting you withdraw this bill.


Policies at the high school level should prioritize access and participation for all youth, including transgender youth, and should support their growth as students and people. Georgia already has one of the most restrictive policies in the country for transgender youth to participate. This bill is unnecessary.


Please withdraw HB747.


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