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Indiana HB1041 Toolkit


What’s Happening:

Indiana HB1041 will require athletes in high school sports to play on teams based on the "student's biological sex at birth in accordance with the student's genetics and reproductive biology," and would allow any person who feels they were unfairly harmed by the participation of a trans athlete to sue.


Take Action:

Contact Indiana Governor Eric Holcom & tell him to VETO HB1041. You do NOT need to live in Indiana to do this! Everyone across the country can contact the Governor to ask for a veto. 



You must personalize two pieces at the bottom before sending! If you do not include your address, they will not count/consider the message.


Phone: 317-232-4567


Sample Script for Writing or Calling (add personal note & sign your name):


Dear Governor Holcomb:


I am writing to ask you to veto HB1041, the anti-transgender sports bill. There is no legitimate evidence of issues with transgender students playing sports in Indiana. This bill discriminates against young people who already face bullying and harassment.  Additionally, this bill could cost the state millions of dollars in lost funding and legal fees when the state gets sued.


Please stop this discriminatory bill from becoming law and veto HB1041.


[Your name]



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