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June 3, 2014: Transgender Man Sues New York City For Kicking Him Out Of A Men's Locker Room

A transgender man has filed a lawsuit against the city of New York after being kicked out of a men's locker room by Parks Department employees at a Staten Island pool last July. Rulings on this case will inform policies for equitable access to public facilities, including locker rooms, for all  transgender New Yorkers. 


LINK: NY man files lawsuit


March 12, 2014: Tell CrossFit to change its anti-transgender policy

CrossFit needs to change its policy that allows transgender athletes to compete under their consistent, lived gender identity.


Last year, Chloie Jonnson registered to compete in the CrossFit Games, a contest aimed at determining the fittest man and woman. Chloie is a transgender woman, has been living as a woman since her teenage years, and registered as such. Chloie was then anonymously outed to CrossFit as a transgender woman. The response of CrossFit was to invalidate her registration and state that all athletes must register and compete under their birth gender. 


I've started a petition with GLAAD on to send to CrossFit to tell them their policies need to change. Sign it here:


LINKTell CrossFit to change it's anti-transgender policy


Feb. 21, 2014: VHSL's transgender-athlete policy panned as overly restrictive

Virginia's policy for transgender athlete participation at the high school level has come under file in a story posted Friday, February 21, 2014, by Zachary Reid, Richmond Times-Dispatch. "The stipulation that potential athletes must first undergo formal sex-reassignment surgery before being allowed to play would severely limit, if not completely eliminate, the pool of prospective athletes, experts say." 


LINKVHSL's transgender-athlete policy panned as overly restrictive


Feb. 19, 2014: Huffington Post

Trans*Athlete founder Chris Mosier's blog post, "No Openly Transgender Athletes Have Competed in the Olympics" was posted on the Huffington Post on February 20, 2014. 


LINKNo Openly Transgender Athletes Have Competed in the Olympics


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