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  • Chris Mosier

Florida anti-trans sports bill now law

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis kicked off Pride Month by signing the state's first anti-LGBTQ law since 1997 today when he signed an anti-trans sports bill into law.

As many begin to celebrate Pride, let's remember this legislative session has brought us:

337 anti-LGBTQ bills

150 anti-trans bills

75 anti-trans sports bills, with 8 states passing them into law

40 anti-trans healthcare bills

We are still fighting bills in several states. Stay tuned for more action items.

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Ahmed Webs
Ahmed Webs
Feb 02, 2022

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Speaking of Happy
Speaking of Happy
Jun 02, 2021

So infuriating how much they have used our identities to push their AGENDA!!!!

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