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Take Action Webinar Resources

Thank you for attending the Take Action Webinar!


Below are resources affiliated with the Take Action Webinar.  

Quick Resources

Basic Terminology

Terminology changes over time. If you need a refresher on terminology, click here

Ways to Take Action Now

If you're looking to take action now, see the anti-trans sports bills and calls to action here.


The landscape of policy can be confusing. See the policies for different levels of play here.

Debunking Myths

Trans Athletes in Sport

Much of what lawmakers have written and said against the trans community has been debunked by a recent Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports report. The CCES commissioned a review of the scientific and grey literature regarding trans women athletes’ participation in elite and high-performance sport, with a focus on the state of literature about the science of testosterone and its impact on sport performance.

To read the Executive Summary of this report, click here

Gender-Affirming Care

Puberty-blocking medication and hormones are parts of the approved standards of care for transgender people who wish to pursue a medical transition through hormonal treatment. Despite medical consensus supporting puberty blockers and hormones for use with youth, anti-trans advocates continue to fearmonger and spread misinformation and outright lies. 

The World Professional Association for Transender Health (WPATH) responded point-by-point to an anti-trans New York Times article full of inaccuracies about healthcare for transgender youth. This article provides insight to the facts about gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

WPATH, USPATH and WPATH Respond to NY Times Article “They Paused Puberty, But Is There a Cost?” published on November 14, 2022.

Connecting to Groups to Take Action

Connect With Local Groups

Find your local LGBTQ+ & Trans-led groups by searching your state name & "LGBTQ" or "Trans." You may find national affiliates, like your state's ACLU group, or specific local organizations. Follow them & look for their calls to action.

See What's Moving in Your State

State bills move at different speeds, if they move at all.

 To see what bills are  moving in your state, find the bill trackers on your state org's website or follow your LGBTQ+ state's bills using Equality Federation's tracker.

When Calling or Emailing Lawmakers, Remember:

- You'll be speaking with an aide or assistant

- Be clear, concise & polite

- Give your name & where you live, the bill number & how you want them to vote

- Make it personal

- Thank them for their time

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